The Luxury Bathroom Make Over


After a tough day at the office, you probably look forward to that long, warm bathtub to clean any kind of remnants of stress obtained during the day. Therefore, why not transform and remodel your bathroom into a lavishly, high-ended bathroom where you can enjoy soft classical music as hot water cascades down your skin from every direction and sending down massaging streams as if in synchrony to the music.

Yes, luxury bathrooms have every thing to offer, from shower computers to preheated marble floors and even preheated towels.

Here are just a few tips to help you remodel your bathroom into a luxury bathroom in a very affordable manner:

1. Go in for Elegant Features

There are a great variety of features in the market which with a little ingenuity you might not have to spend much to remodel your bathroom. For instance, you have the option between square, round rectangular, triangle as well as traditional bathtubs. However, the trick is to get something that fits the size of your bathroom.

For instance, if your bathroom is relatively small in size, then you may opt for a small corner bathtub in addition to clear frameless shower doors to make your existing shower seem larger. Conversely, you have the option to go in for one of those combined luxury bath and shower models.

2. Try Out Your Bathtub Beforehand

Even if bathroom space is not a problem for you it might not be wise to go in for the biggest tub available just because you can. Otherwise, chances are that when the tub is full and you are all lathered up, you will find difficult to keep your head above the water.

Instead, look for a bathroom that is approximately 60 inches in length, so that you can still be able to stretch out yet have a secure foothold. Also, ensure that the angled-back of the tub provides comfort and secure support.

3. Select Resilient Flooring

There are numerous bathroom remodeling flooring options, ranging from marble to stone to ceramic tiles, and even wood. Therefore, just ensure that whichever design you decide on, it is both water resistant and durable.

In fact, with flooring you have the option to install in-floor water heating underneath your tiles so that you do not have to step on a cold floor after a hot bath. However, a thick soft rug could achieve this same effect.

4. Consider Your Bathroom Mirror

The kind of mirror that you select for your bathroom remodel will go along way in giving it that cherished luxury bathroom feel. Therefore, if money is not a problem for you, the two-way television mirror is the way to go. This is the ultimate luxury bathroom mirror.

However, having just one skillfully designed frame to go along with your mirror is also an attractive option. Just have an adjustable makeup mirror to accompany it.

5. Design Lighting That Works

It is imperative that you have good lighting for your bathroom. One way to achieve this is to install a dimmer switch so that you have the option to have bright light, or subtle and relaxing dim light particularly for that end of the day bath.

Also, incorporate candles along wall scones or shelves, or around your tub for that touch of aroma and beautiful scents.

6. Buy a Quality Toilet

As regards toilets, the bathroom remodeling choice is relatively straightforward. Therefore, you do not need to spend so much money on your toilet. However, that does not mean that you will go in for a cheap design that will not last long. The most common toilet models are designs that have elongated seats and bowels for comfort.

7. Switch Your Shower Head

If you have the common rain-head shower and are looking for something a little bit more different, there is always the option to go in for a multiple showerhead fixtures, for the ultimate showering experience. These multiple showerheads usually amount to 6 or 8 in number and offer various delivery options at precise temperature specifications, to create that spa-like atmosphere.

8. Music

Finally, for music you can create your own home made, tranquil relaxing sounds with a simple connection to your music system.


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