Jetted Bathtub With Shower

We have options that work with any bathroom size or configuration, such as corner drop-in tubs or one-piece tub and shower combinations. We also have bathtubs that perform specific functions like walk-in tubs that make it easy to get in and out, or whirlpool tubs that create a spa-like experience.

jetted bathtub with shower

We must have a tub for Leighton, she loves showers but what girl doesn’t want to soak occasionally? Shower tub combo with shampoo ledge and small side lip. No shower “door” Love the no door. This would be awesome for our bathroom makeover one day.

jetted bathtub with shower

Whether you’re considering a quick bathroom refresh or total renovation, start at The Home Depot. We proudly feature all the top brands, leading styles and finishes and the newest technology and innovation. Water-saving fixtures, including bathroom faucets and toilets, save you money on utility bills.

Another cost to consider is the price of hiring someone to professionally install the Jacuzzi bathtub. Given that the skill level to install a Jacuzzi bathtub is fairly high, most homeowners hire a pro.

jetted bathtub with showe

In addition to our Jacuzzi bathtub products, we also specialize in Jacuzzi walk in showers. These showers are unique because they are the only showers available that feature Jacuzzi jets. These showers were designed with hydrotherapy in mind and are available with four carefully targeted jets that focus on the neck.

jetted bathtub with showe

There’s a common assumption that bathrooms are supposed to have baths, and if you’re the traditional type then this is most likely going to be the case. However, more and more bathrooms are getting rid of the bath and just keeping a shower, and this is for a variety of reasons that will be explained.

Give your bathroom a modern upgrade with the beautiful curves of the VIGO Orion 34″ x 58″ Hinged Curved Bathtub Door. This dual-functioning bathtub door works well for showers and swings neatly out of the way for baths. Bathrooms vary from house to house and can feature bathtubs, bath and shower combinations, stand-alone showers and walk-in showers. Replacing a bathtub with a full walk-in shower means getting into a remodel project that will render your bathroom useless during the process.


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